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Career Navigation Plan: Victor Tan

Experience Level: Mid-Career

Career Path: Ops/Program Manager

Goal: New Opportunity

Persona: Life Goals



Currently i am QA manager in Medical device supply chain



i like to do more than just supply chain QA for example in product-related or Regulatory Affairs

Victor, I think you need to clearly define what you want to do, so you can focus your job search around that. 

Set 3 Career Growth Goals

Identify 3 career goals that feel like growth such as taking on a new big project, managing new teams, or getting promoted. Write down those goals in Career Companion and keep a tab of your progress on a monthly basis. The more clearly you define your goal, the better path you can lay out. 

Operationalized Job Search Process

Good job on setting a great goal: "Software engineer job in the next 3-6 months". Now you can focus on networking, applying, interviewing, and landing that job! Follow a systematic process to track all your applications, interviews, so you can nail out what works and what doesn't work. 

Interview Preparation

As you are looking for a job, make sure you are ready to interview! There are two things do here: 1) Prepare responses to common questions you will get asked in interview – see my sample. 2) Do Mock interviews using tools that you can find here such as Pramp, Gainlo, Placement, etc. Learning Guide

Attend 1-3 Events Every Week

A great way to network, especially when you are job searching is attending events. Attend as many as you can and connect with 2-3 people personally from each event. Tell them about your experience, goals, etc. and get actional insights from them. Learning Guide

Good luck on your job search process, and I hope you get your dream job soon! Continue using Career Companion to track your progress!

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