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Career Navigation Plan: Urooj F

Experience Level: Just Graduated College

Career Path: Designer

Goal: New Opportunity

Persona: Challenge Seeker



I just finished my Ux certification and I am looking for opportunities (freelance or remote). Previously I have also worked as a graphic designer and cultural mediator. I consider myself at the beginning of my career as a Ux designer with 6 years of experience as a graphic designer that I can use asa leverage.



I would like to work as a freelance UX lead in the coming years. I would like to work with agencies and startups as Ux designer on project basis.

Uuroj, design to UX is a natural transition, and it's great that you have already done your UX certification. That's a big step towards your next career endeavor.

Build Your Brand

You have a clear understanding of what you want and have taken some great actions towards your goal. You have all the great ingredients, not put them together and showcase your hard skills and soft skills! LinkedIn looks great, but I suggest taking your website to the next level. I really liked this page and I feel like you can do more like those. One way you can showcase UX expertise is to pick 2-3 potential products you would want to work on and build them out as a hypothetical case study.

Interview Preparation

As you are looking for a job, make sure you are ready to interview! There are two things do here: 1) Prepare responses to common questions you will get asked in interview – see my sample. 2) Do Mock interviews using tools that you can find here such as Pramp, Gainlo, Placement, etc. Learning Guide

Attend 1-3 Events Every Week

A great way to network, especially when you are job searching is attending events. Attend as many as you can and connect with 2-3 people personally from each event. Tell them about your experience, goals, etc. and get actional insights from them. Learning Guide

Good luck on your job search process, and I hope you get your dream job soon! Continue using Career Companion to track your progress!

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