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Career Navigation Plan: Erika Duncan

Experience Level: Mid-Career

Career Path: Ops/Program Manager

Goal: New Opportunity

Persona: People Person



Events industry for 10+ years, I have been working my way up in complexity, scale and cliente. I have worked all sides of the industry from catering to operations to finances and count myself as an expert in the field.



I would like to move into a more leadership role to have the space to execute my vision for the direction of the work. If I can do that in events I am open to it but am also open to pivoting to a program manager role in other areas/industries.

Erika, you have some solid experience! There are a lot of transferable skills in program management and scope for more of a leadership role! Program Mgt. Resources

Leadership Role vs. Being a Leader

People think a leadership role is when you have someone reporting to you, but the natural path to a leadership role is when you people start seeing you as a leader because of the influence you have. I am working on a learning guide for being a leader, so will send it to you when it's ready.

Marketing Program Management Roles

I recommend looking for 'Program Manager' job roles in Marketing, which is a great extension to 'Event Mgmt.' Getting a job in what you have expertise is in easier! As you are focusing on looking for opportunities, follow a systematic process to track all your applications, interviews, so you can nail out what works and what doesn't work.

Interview Preparation

As you are looking for a job, make sure you are ready to interview! There are two things do here: 1) Prepare responses to common questions you will get asked in interview – see my sample. 2) Do Mock interviews using tools that you can find here such as Pramp, Gainlo, Placement, etc. Learning Guide

Attend 1-3 Events Every Week

A great way to network, especially when you are job searching is attending events. Connect with 2-3 people personally from each event. Connect with the event organizers and see if you can get involved! Tell them about your experience, goals, etc. and get actional insights from them. Learning Guide

Good luck on your job search process, and I hope you get your dream job soon! Continue using Career Companion to track your progress!

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